His efforts seemed to be paying off, month after month Al’s follower count increased and people within his city of Houston, TX started recognizing him. Al noticed that many of the people in the community he was building wanted a little push to help them on their own fitness journeys. 


At the same time, he also noticed several issues within the fitness community. People didn’t know how to train, couldn’t afford a trainer, or they didn’t know how to build muscle through proper nutrition. Al began researching how he could better help people attain their goals, during the process building his app, I Will Train. 


One of the major goals through Al’s app is helping people to stay on track to their goals. He notices that for many people, if they stopped seeing results, they would become discouraged and stop working out. He brainstormed what he considered important to effectively help people achieve their fitness goals. 


Through his app, Al strived to help everyone stay on track with their goals and create a community of people helping each other. Users of the app can access workouts and track food intake. Users also can have directed messaging with Al himself, who can custom create workout and meal plans to help them meet their goals, while tracking their progress.  


Additionally, the I Will Train app also allows users to scan food items for a nutritional breakdown, allowing them to better keep track of the food they are eating. Through the app, Al helps people learn how to enjoy the foods they love while losing weight and building muscle, helping them to get even closer to their goals. 


Experienced in health, nutrition, and fitness, Al has created an app that inspires and motivates people to achieve their goals. With a focus on educating, I Will Train helps set people up for long-term success, rather than instant, short-lived results. His embodiment of the phrase “anything is possible” makes him the perfect person to lead people towards success in their fitness journey.