I Will Train Professional $39.99

I Will Train Professional Online Health and Fitness Coaching

Includes everything in the I Will Train Pro and more

Includes everything in the I Will Train Elite with Customizable Dietitian Certified Meal Plans and Access to 50+ recipes with a personalized grocery shopping list

Customized workout and diet plans

We will monitor each week your progress and adjust plans according to your progression

Daily access to trainer messaging services

Weekly Weigh-ins - Each Week we will update your current weight

Weekly Phone Calls - Scheduled in advance, so no excuses come up

Bi-Weekly Photos - This will help us to make necessary adjustments and will motivate you to see your body transformation

Daily Emails - Anything from a friendly reminder to weigh-in, to a recipe or article I'd like to share


Why Online Health and Fitness Coaching is more effective than Personal Training

Online coaching teaches you self-accountability.  Having a coach in person is great but the expense can be greater and eventually lead to a client/coach relationship moving on.  If you are relying on your personal trainer to hold you accountable, then honestly, you’re not understanding the importance of self-accountability.

Self-accountability will keep you in shape long term which is what and online health and fitness coach will have you do.  Online health and fitness coaches lead, direct, and coach, but at the same time they create training and nutrition programs that force you to engage and take accountability.  

An online coach needs to see your journal and know what you accomplished for the day.  This is better than a trainer because most trainers don’t do this in person.  You’ll go in, you see your trainer and perhaps focus on your nutrition.  Online coaches lead and direct you.  It’s up to you to communicate with your trainer and hold yourself accountable.

Online coaching is effective if you are honest with your coach and honest with yourself. Since we are not with you physically, we must rely on what you tell and show us to evaluate your progress.